Producing commons 1986 onward

Une fabrique de communs began to produce its first commons within two academic realms : health and computing.
From 1998 up to 2005 the focus was on Information science & ecological building.
Then it came to more diversity.

Une fabrique de communs is independant from any other organisation.
This gives the ability to explore fields which are « in between » disciplines and topics which are in between levels – from fundamental science to applied science.

Our production of commons is mostly a matter of encounters.
Two researchers who « shouldn’t » meet – because they work in disjoint fields or distant levels – meet anyway because of the transversal dynamic of Une fabrique de communs.
Our contributions are :
– to WikiPedia online encyclopedia in French, English and other languages
– to WikiMedia with the production of diagrams, photos, etc.
– to 49 online sites which may be used directly or may serve as sources to WikiPedia contributors
– to produce vidéos – Geste, verbe, souffle project on Vimeo
– etc.

2018 Program

Among the workshops :
cohousing : from the sixties to nowadays